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CAIG DeoxIT DN5 DN5S-6N CONTACT CLEANER - Revolution Audio


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CAIG DeoxIT DN5 DN5S-6N Spray

More than a Contact Cleaner. Chemically Improves Electronic Connections. Quick Dry, Non Drip version.  Safe on plastics.  Cleaner Audio, Clearer Video, Reliable data.  Proven Performance.

RoHS Compliant.

VOC Compliant.

DeoxIT® DN5 Spray, 5%, 163 g, non-flammable, quick dry - non drip and safe on plastics! (Applications = 1200 +/-)

Part No.: DN5S-6N

Container Size: 163 g

Product Description:

all electronic connections deteriorate - causing reduced performance and eventually total failure.  CAIG DeoxIT cleans and improves performance of all electronic equipment.

Unique contact cleaner, rejuvenator, conductivity enhancer and lubricant; dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces, fills in microscopic gaps and reseals surface for better contact to enhance flow of electricity.

Improves connector performance/reliability.

Temperature range: -34 to +200oC.

Spray - Quick Dry, Non Drip and Safe on Plastics.

DeoxIT D100L in a convenient spray.

Excellent cleaning / deoxidizing, good protection, no ozone depletion. Improves conductivity and reduces intermittent connections. Reduces arcing, RFI, wear and abrasion.

Cleaner Audio - Clearer Video - Reliable Data.

5% DeoxIT D100L 70-74% 1,1,1,3,3-PENTAFLUOROPROPANE (460-73-1) 1-5% isopropyl alcohol (67-63-1) 20% hydrocarbon propellant (75-28-5, 74-98-6)