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  • $29.95

Caig DeoxIT Wipes K-D1W-50

Individually packaged.

Cleaner Audio, Clearer Video, Reliable Data.

Good for automotive, marine, RV's, cameras, batteries, lights, toys. headphones, plugs, switches, relays. computers, and much more!  Easy and safe to use.  Non-flammable, non-toxic.  safe on plastics.

Contains 100% DeoxIT D100L liquid (no solvents required).

50 count, zip pouch (K-D1W-50) More than a Contact Cleaner . . . Chemically Improves Connections (without harm to metals and plastics) DeoxIT contact cleaner is a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, preserves, lubricates and improves conductivity on all metal connectors and contacts. Use as a general treatment for connectors, contacts and other metal surfaces, and on metal surfaces with severe oxidation and corrosion. If the metal surface is discolored, it is severe. DeoxIT dissolves the contamination and protects the surface.

For reference, DeoxIT has approximately 20% cleaning action.

KEY FEATURES: Improves Connector Performance and Reliability Improves Conductivity Deoxidizes, Cleans & Preserves Reduces Intermittent Connections Reduces Arcing & RFI Reduces Wear & Abrasion


Temperature Range: -34°C (-29°F) to +200°C (400° F)