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  • $48.00

Cardas CCGR S Binding Post Pair

Short billet Copper posts,

Rhodium over Silver plate.

Billet Copper nut, Gold plate.

Glass filled nylon insulator.

Sold as a pair (two posts), includes insulator plate, plated hex nuts and black washers.

Can also be mounted individually using the SBPI (single binding post insulator)


Base metal: Our premium binding posts are machined from billet copper. We offer some economy binding posts machined from brass.

Platings: Our preferred plating is silver, with a rhodium flash. We also offer gold plated posts, gold plated top hex nuts, and combinations of each. In addition, unplated, bare copper posts are available.

Length: For most products & projects, short binding posts are appropriate. For installation in thick cabinets, we provide long versions of our binding posts.