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  • $49.00

Isoclean Power Audiophile Fuses Large 6x31.8mm (0.24 inch x 1.26 inch)

Top quality Audiophile 24K Gold plated audio grade fuses for Audio and Video applications. Large 6x31.8mm

We are an Authorized ISOCLEAN Dealer.  Due to the delicate electrical nature of fuses, counterfeiting, etc., we cannot accept returns on fuses.  We do not offer for sale any used fuses that have left our possession in order to protect your equipment. 

Please review your order carefully and check your equipment for the proper fuse type before ordering.

Isoclean fuses can add the following qualities and more:
Airy, Spacious Sound Staging
Extension of Top and Bottom Octaves

All Isoclean fuses are Slow-Blow. Isoclean believes this is the best sounding type of fuse.

Excellent quality fuses. Use these in your audio and video gear. Super results with both consumer and professional equipment. Great for improving tone in Guitar amps, improvements in flat screen TV's and proven results in audiophile and videophile equipment.

It is well understood by most hi-fi lovers that a steady and clear power supply can significantly raise the performance of hi-fidelity stereo and home theater equipment. The importance of a good quality Audio Grade Fuse has been neglected in the past.

Fuses carry high electric current thereby easily causing metal fatigue. This adversely alters the conductivity behavior of the fuse element and affects the performance of the equipment.

ISOCLEAN POWER Fuses are 24K gold plated. Not only its metallic holder has been specially treated, each and every fuse has also been accurately measured and checked in order to bring your equipment to the highest standard. Multiple Sizes available:

Available Sizes: 6 x 31.8mm 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 2.5A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 10A, 12A, 15A