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Synergistic Research Quantum SR 20 Large Fast Blow Fuses

6.3 x 32mm (approx 1.25" long) 500V When upgrading to high grade fuses please be sure that the fuses being replaced are the component’s originally specified fuses. Especially if the component has been purchased as a used item. If unsure, contact the component manufacturer to confirm the correct fuse value required before replacing the fuse.

Synergistic Research Quantum Fuses employ a custom alloy treated with 2,000,000 volts of electricity! SR Quantum Fuses significantly outperform all other high-end fuses on the market and are guaranteed to deliver a noticeable increase in sound staging, resolution and air thanks to a lower noise floor and blacker backgrounds.. With nearly 50 value / size combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect value for your system’s components.

SR Quantum Fuses are a custom German built ceramic fuse made to Synergistic Research specifications from a special alloy treated with 2,000,000 volts in our California factory.  SR Quantum Fuses offer significant advantages including a very large sound field and a low noise floor.

Also when replacing fuses in imported components, contact the component manufacturer for correct fuse values required for either 110V or 230~250V environments.

We get asked a lot about the "directionality" of high performance fuses. Our feeling is that the only way to reliably tell that a fuse is inserted into a given circuit with the proper orientation is to listen to them both ways. Taking a little time to listen to the fuse inserted one way, then again the other direction often results in a clear answer to the question "which way is best?".